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We offer many services in varying combination to develop an enrichment program tailored to your child’s individual needs. We decide based on each individual what they need, most of our services are in your home or in your community but if this is not what is best for your child, we have partnered with other companies and providers to accommodate an in office setting as well.


Click HERE for our class schedule along with a description of the classes that we offer at our East Brunswick location

Click HERE for our class schedule along with a description of the classes that we offer at our Flemington location.

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Reach Educational Services
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Below is a listing of some of our key service categories, please click on the service category for more information:

  • Developmental & Behavioral Therapies (ABA and More)
  • Social Skills, Life Skills, Mentoring & Job Coaching
  • Other Therapies & Services: Speech, Brain Training, Family Support, Haircuts, Babysitting
  • Educational Support: Tutoring, IEP Support
  • Extra-Curricular Activities: Dance, Music and Horseback Riding Lessons

If there is something you need but do not see it here, please ask. We likely have the resource to help you if we do not offer it.

If you have any questions or need services beyond what we’ve listed, please contact us so we can jointly discuss options and alternatives to get your child the help he or she needs.

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Reach tailors ABA Therapy programs under BCBA supervision for children with autism. Each child’s needs, interests and environmental factors are unique, so programs for each child will be different. Focus areas will include:

  • Communication
  • Motor Development
  • Play Skills
  • Imitation

For more information about ABA Therapy and how it can help your child, please see this page on Autism Speaks.


In addition to ABA Programs, Reach tailors other behavior therapies when appropriate for your child’s needs:

  • Social Skills Training

Both 1:1 and small group sessions when appropriate

  • Life Skills
  • Mentoring

Our mentoring program can be used in many different ways. Maybe a sibling to a family touched by special needs feels left out or is struggling in some areas or maybe a teenager is making some bad choices? Did a tragedy happen that a child/adult needs so guidance? Or sometimes individuals touched by special needs once they hit their teenage years need a unique mentoring approach to life and social skills. No matter what the reason, our mention program uses the community to address long and short term goals in a unique fashion to guide and help build your child’s confidence and social skills!


In addition to ABA Programs, Reach tailors other therapies and services when appropriate for your child’s needs:

  • Speech Therapy and Evaluations
  • Brain Training
  • For a Free Consultation with Colleen Bain, Contact (908) 866-1173. For more information please ClickHere.

  • Family Support and Intervention Training
  • Sometimes as parents we just aren’t sure what to do, as an outsider looking in sometimes it’s easier to problem solve! We can work with you to help you find the best approach for you and your child. Reach has staff trained to model and train interventions to parents, as well as schools, babysitters, nannies and others, to ensure consistency of treatment across settings.

  • Haircuts
  • Haircuts are often one of the most frustrating aspects of special needs for parents, let us help you. We work with many salons and private hairstylists that come to your home. Or in some cases we use one of our behavior therapists to help prepare your child for this life skill!

  • Babysitting
  • Do you have someone you would really like to use as a babysitter but not sure how they will do? We can train your existing babysitter on the basics of babysitting all children and especially those touched by special needs. We will do the training with your child and your child’s challenges in mind. We also have some babysitter we recommend.


  • Tutoring
  • We have fantastic, licensed teachers on staff to help your child if they are academically struggling

  • IEP Support
  • Not sure your child is getting what they need on their IEP? Having trouble with school? Let us help you by being the neutral party and working with both you and the school to help fit your children’s needs.


  • Dance
  • For those in the Edison/Milltown area we support Kaye Lynn Dance Studio. They are by far one of the best dance programs we have ever seen for individuals touched by special needs. They are truly in it for the love and passion of working with the kids! For individuals outside this area, we will either build a dance program using Kaye Lynn Dance Studio and we have other dance studios in other areas we also can recommend based on the needs of your child. Please be sure to check out Kaye Lynn Dance Studio for your neuro-typical child and your child touched by special needs! Robin and her team are fantastic, they have the energy and the patience to work with all ages and skill levels!

  • Music Lessons
  • Our musicians build their lessons around each individual need! We come to your home for individual or small group lessons but can also meet within the community as well. Ever thought to have us come to your child’s school, daycare, social group? It is a lot of fun and they are learning as well! You may even see us doing a free program at your local library!

  • Horseback Riding
  • We work with a variety of barns that specialize in different areas to get your child the best horseback riding experience!


Reach serves the entire state of New Jersey, plus parts of the Philadelphia and New York areas.

Our organization works with the majority of insurance plans, and financial assistance is available for families who qualify. Reach strives to never refuse services to a child based on the family’s financial situation.

Please Contact Us with any and all questions you may have about our coverage area, insurance, services or anything else pertaining to our mission.