Founder’s Note

My name is Stefanie Hutchins and I founded Reach Educational Services, NP (RES) with the vision of helping children reach their highest potential. My approach to helping children succeed is to first make every student understand and feel that they have incredible potential and are invaluable in this world. I want them to know that they have my full support as their advocate and mentor (both in and out of sessions) and that I will stand by them and go to great extents to find them whatever help they need. I want them to feel confident in their academic potential and confident in themselves. I want them to feel free to be as they are and to reciprocate the same towards others. I believe that students who are secure and confident in their abilities hold the key to creating a future of their dreams and shaping the world of tomorrow!

In order to materialize these beliefs, the Reach team and I have designed custom-tailored programs (based on individual children’s needs) that utilize a broad range of strategic / practical tools. I believe that for many children learning is most effective when accompanied by hands-on activities. Similar to those students, I’ve found in my own academic experience that learning solely through lectures can be difficult and where possible I look for ways to accompany them with tangible exercises. In my years of academic learning, I felt many of my teachers prioritized working through a preset itinerary of materials in a fixed schedule more so than assuring the students grasped the materials taught. I prioritize learning over memorization in my personal life and in the way I instruct students. Doing so assures that the children learn and understand the material and not simply know it… there is a subtle but significant difference. At Reach we do not have deadlines, we will work on every skill patiently until the individual understands fully and can use it successfully in their life. The satisfaction that a child gets when the internal bulb “goes on” is a teacher’s most rewarding payoff. It is, for the child, a moment of self-confidence that motivates an increasing desire to continue the learning process.

When I chose team members with which to partner I ensured that they also shared the same philosophy and had the same passion to positively impact the lives of children. Our work with children (either as therapist, teacher, mentor, etc) is intended for a greater purpose beyond just academic instruction. We become actively involved in finding different ways for the children to get involved in school, community and everyday life -often utilizing their learned skills, natural curiosities and interests to fuel the learning activity. As a teacher, therapist and mentor, one must continually learn and grow both professionally and personally. The culture I want to create in Reach, my sessions and my life includes a continuous search for self-improvement. This is best attained when one attends seminars and keeps up with new educational studies. There are new types of learning and ways to teach found every day and I will actively learn about these things and will always be willing to try something new. Reach also uses a team approach with our students. Our team members and other professionals work together to exchange ideas and strategies to ensure our student are getting the best possible support to maximize their achievements. We will always be open to each other’s strategies of teaching and will talk with other educators about their outlook on how to best educate. Everyone has their own ideas and strengths and I feel we can all learn something from one another.

Financial Aid

We strive to make sure treatment is never refused for financial reasons.

We work with most insurance carriers, and for those who qualify, payment plan options and financial aid are available.

Customized Treatment

Every child is unique.

Reach works with its network, parents, and schools to develop a plan tailored to your child’s individual needs.

Services We Provide

Whether you live in Northern, Central or Southern New Jersey, Reach covers your family. We also cover parts of the Philadelphia and New York areas.

Reach is a registered 501c3 Non-Profit. 100% of Reach’s donation proceeds directly fund services, not administrative costs.

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